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Whether you are looking for long-term health or increasing mobility, stability, balance, strength, and/or power, our performance training is here to help you accomplish the results you deserve.

Golf Specific Conditioning

Focusing on the whole system helps support one’s posture and the spine to create a powerful, efficient, and healthy golf swing.

A fast and powerful golf swing requires total body activation. We believe in implementing golf specific exercises that simulate swing positions and/or proper body muscle activation. This helps assist clients in gaining correct swing feels, correct body activation and increases the learning abilities.

3-step progression process:

  • Functional Movements - Mobility, Stability & Balance
  • Strength Matrix
  • Power Matrix

Additional services to help facilitate progress:

  • Super Speed Golf – Speed Stick Training
  • Group Training

ELDOA for Golf:

The perfect complement to existing strength, mobility or rehabilitation routines. Unlike traditional stretching or myofascial release programs, ELDOA for GOLF target the body’s fascia and increase the space between specific joints of the spine, resulting in a wide range of physiological benefits for an athlete.

Golf Nutrition:

Nutrition is a piece of performance that is often overlooked by many players. Golfers tend to focus on everything other than diet to improve their performance. Proper eating habits help improve energy, enhance focus and concentration, reduce pain and inflammation, and reduce recovery time and increase strength and power.

Daily supplements, protein powders and bars, and pre/post workouts are available through our online supplement store!

TPI Body Screens

Understanding your body’s strengths and limitations allows you to use your time more efficiently to improve your golf game!

A TPI Body Screen will help you understand why certain swing characteristic arise in your golf swing and seem nearly impossible to eliminate.

Level 1 Body Screen -  Mobility, Stability, and Balance

Power / Fitness Screen - Lower body power, core power and upper body (Push/pull) powerChiropractic Las Vegas NV TPI Screens

A custom exercise program will be designed around an individual’s strengths and limitations.

Your body is the most important piece of golf equipment!

During our golf lesson process, we take our students through a mobility & stability warm-up progression prior to swinging a golf club. Additionally, we provide specific recovery equipment for students to utilize post lessons & training sessions.


Make sure to stick around after a lesson or practice session to give your body the recovery it deserves!

  • Normatec pro: Leg compression therapyChiropractic Las Vegas NV Recovery Amenities
  • HyperVolt massage tool
  • Vibration plate therapy
  • Chiropractic adjustments and Massage (service fees are separate)
  • And more!

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