Chiropractic Las Vegas NV Recover And Body Care

Our chiropractors in Las Vegas NV offer recovery and body care.

You only have one body!

Recovery & Body Care in Las Vegas NV

Through daily living and active lifestyle, we understand the body can take a beating.

Recovery techniques and other therapies are an essential role in healing the body and nervous system.

Root Cause Resolution Chiropractic & Golf Performance provides clients with many different benefits!

Whether looking for chiropractic care for body alignment, massage therapy to facilitate chiropractic adjustments (for Chiropractic patients only with Dr. recommendation), Reiki sessions to encourage the nervous system to relax and allowing the body to heal on a physical and emotional level, Reintegration of Mobility and Stability training, ELDOA for Golf mobility techniques, detoxification and supplementation to reduce stress and inflammation.
We also provide recovery modalities such as Vibration plate and HyperIce Leg Compressions for lymphatic blood flow, Hypervolt percussion massage tool to relieve tension and stiffness, Kinesiology taping for improved circulation and muscle support.

Get a free foot scan today!

Foot Levelers - Orthotics provide customized arch support with a variety of materials to support every type of activity.
Everyday foot ware, whether working on your feet all day, or even athletic specific insoles for active lifestyle or specific sport.

Your feet are your foundation!



  • Normatec 2.0 pro: Leg compression therapy
  • HyperVolt massage tool
  • Vibration plate therapy
  • Chiropractic adjustments and Massage (Service fees are separate)
  • And more!

Make sure to stick around after a lesson or practice session to give your body the recovery it deserves.

Chiropractic Las Vegas NV Recovery & Rehabilition

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Root Cause Resolution

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